Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program

Our Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program is a four-month program and begins on the first weekday (Monday-Friday) of each month. It is for adults 18+ who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, are on blood pressure medicine and have NOT had a cardiac episode, atrial fibrillation or any arrhythmias in the last 12 months. Prospective participant must not be at risk for lymphedema (swelling of the limbs) either. 

Participants must: 

  • take and record their BP twice a month
  • attend a monthly nutrition education seminar (see information below)
  • attend 2 consultations per month with our Heart Healthy Ambassador
This program is $20/month for members and $25/month for non-members. 

Our nutrition classes are designed and required for those participating in the high blood pressure self-monitoring program, but are open also to all members as well. Each month focuses on a different aspect of diet. You do not need to register to attend these classes if you are enrolled in one of these programs. Classes occur at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the dates listed below.

  • June 15 – DASH Diet
  • July 13 – Decrease Sodium Intake
  • August 17 – Shopping, Cooking & Prepping Food
  • September 14 – Eating for Heart Health

For more information and to register for our high blood pressure self-monitoring program on our website, click here!

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