100 Haynes Street, Johnstown, PA 15901 814.535.8381



    • Current Membership
      - All individuals must have a current membership or program pass to utilize the facility. Program passes are available to those wishing to participate in only one program and/or session. Programs that require a fee are available at a reduced rate to current YMCA members.

    • Length of Membership
      An annual YMCA membership is for fifty-two (52) weeks.

    • Non-refundable Membership
      Memberships are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person.

    • Schedule and Fee Changes
      Schedules and fee are subject to change.

    • Revoking of Membership
      – The Johnstown YMCA reserves the right to revoke the membership privileges, with no refund, from any person(s) exhibiting inappropriate behavior or abuse of the YMCA staff, facilities or other members and/or their property.

    • Membership Cards
      A membership card will be issued to you. It must be presented to the Front Desk upon admittance.

    • Lockers
      The Front Desk will provide you with a lock (free of charge) to use while you are in the Y. A limited number of lockers are available for a $70.00 yearly rental fee. Due to the limited number available your name may be placed on a waiting list. You may use a locker during your visit to the YMCA however; all locks must be removed upon your leaving the facility. We conduct locker checks weekly. If a locker is not rented and has a lock on it, the lock will be removed and contents removed.

    • Valuables
      The Johnstown YMCA has limited locker space available. Please supply your own locks to secure personal belongings. Security bags are also available at the Front Desk for smaller items. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

    • Lost and Found
      All items found in our facility are left in our lost and found for four weeks. Valuables are kept either at our Front Desk or our safe. Any items not claimed will be given to charity. Inquire at the Front Desk.

    • Program Registration
      All class fees must be paid in full at time of registration. We reserve the right to cancel any class due to scheduling conflicts or lack of participation. We also reserve the right to make schedule and programs as necessary. Advanced notice will be given to names listed on program sheets at the Front Desk only. Make sure your name is listed. Programs missed due to holidays, school closings, or bad weather will be made up if schedule permits.

    • Program Credit/Refunds
      Letters of credit will be issued if you are unable to attend four or more classes due to prolonged illness. A doctor’s verification is required. You must apply for a credit before the end of the session in which the class runs. Refunds are given only if the Johnstown YMCA cancels the class for the entire session. No refunds will be given to anyone asked to leave due to bad conduct or other reasons. Refunds are not given for vacations or missing class due to other personal schedules.

    • The YMCA “AWAY” Program
      When you are traveling the “AWAY” Program allows you to use your Johnstown YMCA membership at participating YMCA’s throughout the United States free of charge or at a reduced rate. Call the Membership Office for more information.

    • Parking Lot Regulations
      Members may park in the YMCA parking lot . Do not park in fire lanes or spaces designated for handicapped. The church lot and the lot across Willow Street are rented spaces. We are not permitted to use these areas during downtown business hours. Please do not stop in the front of the building for pick-up as this congests traffic on Haynes Street and in our parking lot. Please follow proper entrance and exit areas. Abuse of these parking regulations may result in ticketing, fines, towing or loss of membership. The YMCA is not responsible for damage or stolen items in our parking area.

    • Accidents, Medical or Illness
      The use of the YMCA is at your own risk, however we realize that accidents and/or illness do occur. We ask that you contact a YMCA employee to assist you. An accident/incident report must be completed for insurance purposes. Individuals with medical histories are advised to consult a physician prior to participation in a physical program. We ask that you keep all emergency information on your membership card current.

    • Security
      Notify our Front Desk or any staff member of any dangerous or inappropriate behavior you may witness.

Hours of Operation

M-F: 4:45 AM - 9:00 PM

SAT: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

SUN: 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM

(N0 admittance 15 minutes prior to close.)